Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where's Wa[ck]o?

I was watching the news this morning at the office and some knucklehead described as a "Senior DNC Advisor" was shouting the usual party line crap over the top of the interviewer.

Which got me to thinking. The silence from the DNC Chair, HOWARD "SCREAM" [oops] DEAN has been deafening these past few months, hasn't it?

Coincidence? I think not. The party must be terrified of him, so much so they've gone to extraordinary measures to shut him up. But that begs the question...what in the world have they done - or threatened to do - that has so effectively stifled him?

If the Republicans want to win, all they have to do is draw Howard Dean out and get him to start flapping his crazy'd be sure to piss off the electorate - whatever bitter, nutty, vituperative bile he'd spew out.

Some intrepid reporter needs to scour the mountains of VT, (or maybe the Himalayas, or the caves of Pakistan, perhaps the solitary section of the Supermax in CO?) and root him out.

Good times! Great fun!

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