Sunday, October 5, 2008

St. Francis of Assisi

Late night out tonight, so I'm a little past the proper date, but it was 4 years ago today that we were in Assisi for the feast day of St. Francis.

Some of the banners from the various city-states
A Sister nurse looking across the piazza at the festivities from the hospital window
My dear girlies at the top of a "shortcut" to the nearest gelato shoppe
It was beautiful, moving, and best of all, my girls got to experience a 900+ year tradition, walk the same streets that St. Francis and Sta. Chiara (St. Clare) did, and they absorbed a lifetime of love and respect for their faith in 10 days.

La vida e bella!

P.S./Afterthought: I wonder how Fr. Francis Mary Stone (former EWTN personality) is feeling, how he is doing, and what his life is like on this first feast day of his namesake since he left the order. That whole mess still really saddens me...

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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm jealous. However, in less than a month I will be Avila Spain, so I'll get over it.