Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Political Miscellany

3 weeks to go...

Here's a few items to get you thinking.


People who are for Obama but have no clue what he stands for or who his running mate is.

And then there's this - from the WSJ. "The Great Obama" - very funny!


And some additional tidbits from our new blog friend Steve



What will become of us?!?


The Digital Hairshirt said...

Kit, the "sal in Harlem" clip is both hysterically funny and maddeningly frustrating, that people THAT ignorant are able to cast a vote. And there you have the FINEST of NYC's public school system!

The only hope is that they will forget to vote on November 4th, which may be likely as it seems doubtful they could find a polling station.

Kit said...

Oh, I think they'll have plenty of help finding the polling station...kinda like when a restaurant has an unadvertised "free ice cream cone" giveaway...you may not want or like ice cream, but word spreads like a virus and you go and elbow your way to the front of the line because it's free. This is Obama's effect on his targeted segments of the population. And it's working for him.

McCain better throw AND catch a hail Mary tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit,

Here are a couple more items that I think are critical for the so called pro-life Obama supporters.




gramps said...

The real issue is not only the Obama voters, but in reality the pro life vote that is voting third party or not voting out of dislike of the republicans at this point. That along with the democrat willingness to cheat with things like ACORN will really be what decides this election.
The inability of the republican party or for that matter, the conservative wing of the Catholic Church to deal with some issues which are now being used by catholics to vote for Obama is one that must be resolved at some point. What is good for the poor is not a hand out, but a real hand up. that does not simply mean saying to them get to work, but creating an environment where work is possible for those less equiped at a salary that will allow them to have a home and raise a family. If the republicans had used their time in power to create real jobs that paid a living wage to the lower class instead of sending off those type of jobs to other markets, where we are today would be quite different. Trading good paying jobs for service level jobs and opening our borders to those willing to work for low wages destroyed the republican party and opened the door for Obama types to run through offering free money.