Thursday, October 2, 2008

So....what did you think of the debate?

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First impressions: interesting stuff from both on gay marriage. Very interesting.

Sarah Palin's most cringeworthy moment: not knowing/improvising on the Constitutional role of the Vice President as President of the Senate. Yikes.

Joe Biden's: (tie) 1. Trying to persuade all listeners that he "gets" what middle class life entails, both economically and socially. Puh-leeze.

2. Claiming that his "beautiful house" is his only investment. Did you SEE the man's gleaming white crown and bridge work every time he smirked while Sarah Palin was talking?!? There's THOUSANDS of dollars invested in those Chiclet choppers.

New dinner recipe over at the Bistro blog, btw, if you can get some nice asparagus this weekend.


LarryD said...

Yay! First to vote!

I had to read the closed captioning because the volume went kaput on my TV - but from what I could tell, she did well. Seemed confident, seemed comfortable - I connected with her. At the very least, the Straight Talk Express did not derail tonight. Now McCain has to steamroll Brocco at the next debate to generate momentum.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

I was okay with her Article I answer. Overall . . . she so won!

The Digihusband had a headache, so I watched it with El Centavo Malo. Several times we had to pause the set to scream at Biden.

Um, did I hear it right - OBAMA IS AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE?!?! (Yes, I did, because Fr. John started yelling, "Back it up, back it up!" so I used the power of TiVO and we listened to it several times - "Oh, he did NOT just say that!")

Vincenzo said...

"New dinner recipe over at the Bistro blog, btw, if you can get some nice asparagus this weekend."

:-p~~ that looks good! I love asparagus.

Kit said...

Digi - oh YES he did! And I wonder what the boss had to say about it afterwards...THAT was probably an interesting phone call. If he'd been smart, like the Gov. was, he'd've just said "we disagree about this particular point" (as she said about ANWAR). Now he's just made another nice opposition commercial.

Hee hee hee!!!!

She held her own and then some - he made so many factual misstatements, it will be plastered all over the news today. (It's almost 6 am here, so I'll give it 'til 9)

Vincenzo - definitely worth trying that recipe!

Kit said...

PS Larry (aka "Speedy Blogzales"), I think you voted before I was even done posting this one last night!

LarryD said...

Kit - "Speedy Blogzales" - I like that! Arriba arriba arriba!!

Kasia said...

Um, I think strictly speaking Biden was right about Obama's stance on gay marriage. I remember a point in the primaries where he said he was sure his daughters wouldn't understand why their dad was against it. But I think he is for civil unions that strongly resemble marriage.

I cringed at that bit of "Veep as more than executive" improv too, though I don't think many people would take it as far as Cheney seems to.

My cringe moment with Biden was when he suggested giving bankruptcy courts the power to adjust the principal owed on a mortgage. Now, if the interest rate change just doesn't do it, how 'bout adjusting the TERM? I mean, we're in the midst of a housing meltdown that is, in significant part, due to people having bought more than they can afford. How is it good to adopt a provision like that?!??

Lee Strong said...

I thought Biden won on points from a technical point of view, but she "won" the debate because of her energy and feistiness.

Interestingly, the women I work with - who lean McCain - all picked her to pieces today bercause of the way she talked and acted!

And my wife, who hated Obama (a Hillarite) hates Palin so much she now plans to vote for Obama. Go figure.

Lee Strong said...

Actually, to be fair, Obama has said he is against gay marriage.

LarryD said...

kasia - doesn't matter now. I heard Limbaugh read from the bill on his show this afternoon that those provisions are in this "bailout" bill.