Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You GO Mike!

A break from the usual topics...it's sinless confession time:


One of the best linebackers ever, a Chicago Bear legend, and now the SF 49'ers head coach. He is a class act all the way around, very old-school, and probably REALLY p*ssing off the wildly overpaid, high maintenance players on his team . Here, he's taking responsibility for the loss in his coaching debut, then taking one Vernon Harris to task - and rightly so, the selfish git! - I just hope it doesn't get him fired:

The AOL headlines today were screaming: "Coach has meltdown, rants at player" which is total bs. He's being very direct and speaking from the heart, but I actually thought he was rather restrained. As anyone who's ever seen "the eyes" when he lined up back in the day could tell you, he looked downright mellow in this press conference.
Seriously, what would you do if you saw this 275-lb. bundle of intensity and 110% commitment hurtling at you?
(Answer: Depends?!?)
Again, I just think the world of him and I think he'll be an amazing, even legendary coach if given the leeway to get these young snotty players and their entourages under control.

Now, I love Lovie, too, don't get me wrong, but having Mike Singletary or Gary Fencik as head coach of my beloved Bears has been a dream of mine since each man retired. Loving my Bears may not be a sin, but I will admit, loving the 1986 "Superbowl Shuffle" video (which I still own) probably is.

(P.S.: RIP, Walter Payton - I have spent more than a few teary-eyed hours watching YouTube fan tributes to #34)


LarryD said...

Kit - when you answer the question "Depends?!?", are you referring to what you'd be wearing at the time he's charging at you?

BTW - Red Wings 6, Blackhawks 5, Shoot out, Sat 10/25. New Years Day outside game being played at Wrigley Field. Care to make a friendly wager closer to gameday?

Kit said...

Larry - YES and YES!

Are you going to be in my hometown on NYD by any chance? I will be!

LarryD said...

No, I'll be in Michigan. If you're driving to Chicago, wave northwards.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

no nonsense, straight to the point, love it.

swissmiss said...

I guess it's easy to understand your love of the Bears, this coming from a sad, disillusioned Vikes fan who was about to root for Green Bay until Favre left. If we just had a football team that could play the game.

Although, hockey is my fav. Still, we're not really in the running there too often either, GO WILD!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

AAAAAK! The EYEEEEEEEES! (throwing my hands up in protective gesture!).

Oh man, that was a good scare right before Halloween!

Looks kinda like me when the kids come over and wake Thomas right as I'm about to lay him down for his nap.

Anonymous said...

I used to write letters to Sweetness when I was a kid asking him for tips on how to be a better running back. I have no idea where they got mailed to, or if my parents just pretended to mail them, like all those letters to the North Pole.

I loved Singletary, too. With his toughness in the middle, and the speed of Otis Wilson, and Wilbur Marshall on the outside, it was the best linebacking core in the NFL.

Kit said...

Larry - I will definitely do the wave.

Joe - right on!

Laura & SM...it's kinda like the Cubs. We're good once a decade or so, but we sure have some interesting and talented characters

Steve - I actually RAN IN TO WALTER on Christmas Eve 1990 at Lord & Taylor (Woodfield) buying perfume for his wife, and after some groveling, I got him to autograph two dollar bills I feverishly pulled from my pockets. He was so kind about it - his kids were there, too.

And now for the worst possible ending to the story...

My stupid thief of a grad school roomate "borrowed" those bills and some diamond earrings from my jewelry box a few weeks later and probably spent them on beer. One of the few times I have ever literally "seen red" and came very close to physically harming someone.

Anonymous said...

Those bills are probably plastered on the wall in the bar they were spent in (if anyone was paying attention).

The fact that Walter died of rare liver disease while OJ Simpson had been running around scott free making an ass of himself is an injustice I can't quite wrap my head around.