Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah Palin's Proposals for Special Needs Kids

From the Washington Post - article here. Some of the comments are so brutal.

In addition to her own cute little special needs son Trig, she has an autistic nephew. She may be new at dealing with these issues within her own family, but I think she knows the deal. I really believe she means what she says, would fight hard see her proposals through, and could make a huge contribution by forwarding these causes through obtaining funding increases for research and education.

(PLEASE, Lord...hear our prayers!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising. Most of the comments don't seem interested in anything she had to say.
Also on the fruitfly thing; if the research is simply going to show a genetic mark for autism so that autistic kids can get killed before they get born-I'm with Palin on it being a waste of money!

heelers said...

Sarah Palin really frightened the media for a while.
They've worked very hard to discredit her.
James (in Ireland)

Jackie Parkes said...

Thanks for this post..

Lola said...

My O supporting parents were visiting.

My dad took a trip to the store so mom and I put our feet up and watched the news a little. There she was speaking so eloquently about "special needs" kids and families. That my normally "doesn't trust a Republican" (other than Gerry Ford) lightly mentioned that Palin had a really good speech. (I almost became light-headed.)