Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helo Mom Dispatch #9 - Mom Needs A Chiropractor

My neck keeps snapping back and forth, you see.

The Beloved remains steadfast in his disapproval. However, he did "bend" a little and indicated that he'd be interested to see the Athlete in action at the next wrestling match (at 6'5"/189 lbs. it must be quite a spectacle), and wanted to know when that might be.

WHOA! That's progress!


The Cheerleading Princess is horrified at the thought, because she is leaning toward putting the kibosh on the whole non-relationship.



The small-town, even smaller-school rumor mill has suddenly been set ablaze, and the two of them are at the center of it. One of the Athlete's former upperclassman girlfriends is spreading vicious rumors about the "easy" freshman and the "desperate" senior. A fellow freshman girl who has a senior interested in her stated loudly at the lunch table that she'd never even consider dating a senior, "unlike some people." Her cheerleader friends are teasing her more than ever - there's a lot of dating crossover between the Athlete's friends and the cheerleading squad, as one might imagine. A teacher has asked even her about it, and volunteered to intercede and help her break things off if she'd like assistance because she's feeling "pressured" by an older boy.

After being targeted by that pack of mean girls for over a year now, the Princess goes into meltdown mode whenever she discovers that people are talking about her behind her back - she was in tears most of the evening. "I just wanted a new start in high school! I wanted to be invisible! I don't want people I don't know and who don't know me gossipping about me!" The usual platitudes about jealous girls, immature teenagers, high school drama starting and ending quickly, and being the bigger person don't work. She's extremely sensitive, and not without some justification given what she's been through. It's such a shame to see something that has been sweet and innocent turned ugly, and a kid turning away from the good to protect herself from the bad.

The odd thing is, nothing's changed between the two of them and they haven't seen each other outside of school since the infamous night at the movies. He has made no secret of his admiration for her, but has also told his friends that although they talk quite a bit, they are NOT dating due to the age issue and parental interdict. Why all hell broke loose on an otherwise average Wednesday remains a mystery.

So, will their association survive the scandal....or will they part ways?

Stay tuned....

Helo Mom out.


Kasia said...

So a jealous ex-girlfriend stirs the pot, and gets exactly what she wants. Not to mention that breaking off the non-relationship with the Athlete is no guarantee that the calumny will stop.

I don't blame the Princess for being susceptible to these kinds of shenanigans, but it doesn't keep me from wanting to crack some skulls.

Angela M. said...

Why Wednesday? Must be a slow news day - somebody, anybody is going to catch the brunt of it. You could not pay me 10 million dollars to be that age again!

LarryD said...

Kit - "The Helo Mom Dispatches" - future novel title perhaps??

Anonymous said...

As if the whole first romance thing wasn't packed with landmines already. No wonder the other young lady is EX girlfriend if that's how she behaves.

swissmiss said...

Just catching up on the romance updates. Totally forgot how quickly things move at this age. Such drama and intrigue...keeping you hopping! I feel for your daughter in having to deal with the mean girls. Even though the Athlete is only 17, he sounds pretty darn mature. My Princess is only 3, but I DREAD having to deal with this in the future!

Anonymous said...

High school is so hard--how could she NOT be extremely sensitive to the torment--she needs to somehow distant herself from the situation--don't accept the teasing--throw it back at them--and look at the bigger picture--all of this ugliness will pass. Or move to another school--not always such a bad idea.

I'm going to pray for God to kick those mean girls butts!!!