Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Helo Mom's Head Hurts (Dispatch #5)

Okay, I thought it was over after the post-movie dressing-down and subsequent lull in the action over the holiday weekend. Then they talked for over two hours tonight. He did something so cute for her today, I can't stand it.

The Princess, much to her dismay, discovered at her annual eye exam early last week that one eye has gotten much worse (astigmatism) than the other. Hence, the contacts she assumed she'd be getting are not an option for her. She's mortified from the roots of her honey-blonde hair to her dainty little toes, but she did pick out some killer glasses (for classroom use only, Mom!). Apparently they discussed her ocular horror and shame at the movies.

The young gentleman figured she'd have the new glasses today, so in solidarity, he deliberately did NOT wear his own contacts and instead wore his "former 10th grade nerd" glasses to school so she'd have an optically-challenged buddy at her side in case anyone teased her. Of course, he discovered early in the day that she was still glasses-free and so his valor was all for naught. He didn't say a word to her about why he did it, but one of his friends pointed it out to her after school. I know I'm a major sap, but I thought it was a darling gesture, and so did she. So he's back in the game.

Two things:

1. That poor kid has it BAD.

2. I just want to bring him home and give him cookies, milk, and a hug. This is a good, thoughtful boy.


Kasia said...

Brace yourself for squealing...



So SWEET!!!!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

How nice...I give him an A for effort...

Anonymous said...

Does he have a much older brother?