Sunday, April 27, 2008

Century post - award winning moments


MOTL tells me the 100th post is one of distinction, so I am taking this time to (finally ) post several awards, give 'em back, and thank all of you who've stuck it out with me these past several months!

First, we'll start with, well, my first-ever award. I have had a few of these, and I appreciate them - seriously - here I am all snuggled up under the blankies with my laptop, blathering on, and you think it's "excellent?" (Sniff... You like me! You really like me!) And I like you back. So this one is for everyone on my blogroll, because if I didn't think the same of you, you would not be there.

(I also want the Fixer to have this one, but because she is young, I don't link to her for privacy and good clean internet safety reasons - so Fixer, if you're out there reading this, here you go!)

This next one makes me think of Angela (maybe it's the hair?) and all the smiles she must get for all of the thoughtful things she does for everyone. (Check out her blog in November and you'll see what I mean!)

Of course, this next one came from MOTL ( can we tell? Love her vintage graphics!) and she deserves it back in spades for all the entertainment she provides to us all, but it applies to so many of you! Karen, Stephanie, Ma, Adrienne, Thorn, Dymphna, Kasia, SwissMiss, Tara, WSNS, Jackie, Autumn, and my newfound blog ladies Jane and She - whether we are laughing, debating, or even grieving together as we chat, you all have made me think, and you've made my day. Hope I've done the same for you here and there...

Here's another one for all you ladies reading - flowers for all! (Do your best parade/beauty queen wave!)
And again, for my youngest reader friend and photoshopper extraordinaire...give and you shall receive! (Are you going to explain the shelf thing to me?)

And then there's this one...which was a surprise and rather humbling. As many of you know from my early posts, I had a rough Catholic upbringing and fought my way back. I am there in theory, but I have a long way to go in practice. (Like wanting to throttle and smite other people. A Lot. I'm not exactly Radiating Christ, but I do own that excellent book...) So if someone thinks I've actually said anything worthy of this, I guess it means I've come a REALLY long way! Wow!

Finally, one of my own, newly made, to all of you who read this...

You know who you are. We're all down here in the trenches talking together about all the little things that happen in our daily lives, expounding on our theories of politics and religion, sharing our opinions, but from what I've seen from all who visit here, we share a common purpose, and that is in striving to live our lives and to be witnesses for the Greater Glory of God. Feel free to pass it on to others who you've met and who do the same. (Has a Pentecost-y thing going on, doesn't it?)
So there you have it. Thanks again for reading my 100th post, thanks for inviting me into your virtual lives, and please keep on dropping in!


the mother of this lot said...

Congratulations Kit on your 100th post, and thanks for the award. (I really wanted this one, but thought I had no way of getting it)!

The Fixer is getting ready for school tomorrow, but I'm sure she'll call in later to thank you!

Ma Beck said...

Congrats, Kit!
(And thanks for the kind mention!)

Keep up the good work - I love reading your blog.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Hey Kit
A plethora of awards!
God bless you :)

a thorn in the pew said...

Thank you for being a friend and giver of all things supportive. God bless!

LarryD said...

Thanks for the award, Kit. I put it in my sidebar.

on another note, I'm pretty excited - National Catholic Register linked to my post today! First time that's ever happened.

BTW, I'm originally from Rochester NY - moved to Michigan in '89. Went to Sacred Heart Cathedral, and I'm not happy with the wreckovation.

p.s. How's the teeth?

Kit Brookside said...

Hey Larry!

Congrats on the link - I hope it had NOTHING to do with hockey...


...but seriously, that's cool!

Fangs are fine, so far. The temporary veneers are a bit strange, but they got me through my share of an order of chicken wings, so there ya go!

Angela M. said...


And thank you! Yes, the hair is me! LOL!

swissmiss said...

Congrats on the 100th post. Looking forward to the next 100! And thank you!