Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Good Shepherd

At Mass today, I suddenly recalled something I'd forgotten long ago, probably 13 years or so...a beautiful painting I could not then afford.

I was at a Catholic bookstore in Irvine, CA, not too far from our military base housing. A local artist had a number of religious paintings displayed and for sale. The artist was skilled, but not great - yet she (and I have no idea of her name, I just remember it was a "she") captured something so unique, I was riveted. The painting depicted Christ sitting beneath a tree on a hillside, surrounded by a group of disciples and locals who'd come to listen as He told a parable, probably. But it was like a candid snapshot of an off-moment, because He was looking past them, laughing. Off to one side was a young boy tending to his flock of sheep and lambs, one of whom had apparently just knocked the boy over. It was heartwarming, and it reminded me that in His humanness, Christ probably found plenty of these moments to enjoy, laugh...and then get back to the work of our salvation.

I thought about it all the way home...and again after I posted my response to a nutter who tried to slime my combox. (See below).

I think it cost $350. It might as well have been $350 million back then. But it still stands out in my mind. If I had any artistic talent (beyond that which makes me virtually unstoppable at Pictionary), I'd try to recreate it for reflection here in my little home library.

(It just occurred to me that this reminds me of the image of JPII laughing shortly before his death, when the errant dove he and some children tried to release circled back around and into the window...)

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ArchAngel's Advocate said...

There's an artist who I think is Catholic as she does some work for the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. Her name is Laurie Meinke & I found some newspaper articles out of the Orange County area. None of her online images have any Biblical themes
(although her bio mentions Scripture) but you might recognize the style. You might drop Digital Hairshirt (my SIL in Sana Ana) a note, she might have some ideas as she's been in the area much longer. Also Gem of the Ocean might be familiar with some of the artists (he's down in Sa Diego)