Sunday, April 27, 2008


In a good way. Thanks to Adrienne, of course, who has provided a link to Fr. John Trigilio's blog, Black Biretta. Link's on the sidebar. Sample post:

Go read it!

OK, if you've managed to come back now, I am a huge fan of Fr. John's, bumped into him on a kneeler in Alabama, and most importantly, his book, Catholicism for Dummies actually intrigued my saintly but under-catechised beloved enough to read up on some of the basics that didn't sink in during CCD in the 70's. And he enjoys Fr.'s show, Web of Faith on EWTN for the same reason - simply, powerfully-delivered answers to common questions.


(Off to a good start for the next 100 posts!)

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Ray from MN said...

The best thing about the Web of Faith is that the questions are pre-selected so there aren't very many really simple ones.

But Fathers Levis and Trigilio don't see them ahead of time so there is a spontaneity that makes the show really interesting.

Occasionally they have to make corrections in subsequent shows.