Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh to be 14 again...

...or not! The Princess had a school dance this past Friday and her "crush" (who is "dating" a PUBLIC SCHOOL girl...) actually danced the last dance of the evening with her. She came home all giddy and has been reliving it ever since.

"He looked at me the whole time and when it was over he didn't let go for a few seconds...he SMILED at me!"

I had to know, so I asked "did it look like was gonna try and KISS you?"

"NOOOOOO!!! MAMMM-MAAAAAA!!! I'd never do THAT, especially at SCHOOL, and oh yeah, ummm....he has a GIRLFRIEND!"

(She is such a square. And BOY am I glad!)

While I would love for 40 year old me (eek! I just typed that out in a sentence!) to go back for a day and slay all the mean girls who have been picking on her for the past several months, and grin at the thought of being so excited about HIM dancing with me and NOT being ALMOST KISSED...nah, not worth it.


the mother of this lot said...

And so it begins Kit.

My prayers go with you on this perilous journey!

KitBrookside said...

Oh who are we kidding...I'd done a fair bit of snogging by the time I was her age, which is why I am so amazed at what a naif she is. (And glad!!!) She's such a cute girl, she has a trail of boys mooning after her, but is mostly unaware of it. (Again, GLAD!) I guess having led such an unsheltered life at that age and working so hard at sheltering, I'm amazed it's worked so well.

So far...

And never fear, I shall gladly accept your learned tutelage as time goes by and hormones fly, my dear! ;-)

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I'll bet she knows the boys are mooning over her, but is acting all innocent because that's what you ladies do to keep us boys interested (desiring that which is unavailable). Little girls learn that at an early age, that's how they stay "Daddy's Little Girl" (Tongue super-glued in cheek).

KitBrookside said...'re single, aren't you. Stunning. (LOL! Just kiddin' with ya, Mr. R.!)

Seriously - she gets gawked at when we go out and about to the mall, and she just does not pick up on it at all. I am the mother lioness, of course, always surveying our surroundings for creeps, so perhaps when the 20-somethings see the evil scowl and bared fangs it keeps them away...