Monday, March 16, 2009

Build-a-Bear? Whataburger? (Huh?)

I vaguely recall hearing of the Bilderberg crew in the past...interesting article here from about the Obamanation Administration connection, with Secretary of [Apostasy] Sebilius among their ranks. Lots of Bilderbergers floating about, including the Clintons. If it is true that they were big fans of John Edwards and encouraged Kerry to select him as VP, well...keep at it.

(Mmmmm....haven't had a Whataburger in about 15's an AZ thing. Not even sure they still exist!)


Adrienne said...

I lived in Houston for about 17 years (eons ago) and we had a Whata burger. It was FABULOUS!!

LarryD said...

I'm suspicious of these conspiracy theories about the wizards of smart planning to rule the world. If they were so smart, wouldn't they be doing it right now? Or maybe....maybe they're so smart that they're doing it secretly...or maybe they want everyone to think they're not that smart, only to outsmart us in the end....or maybe, maybe they just think they're better than everyone else and have delusions of grandeur. Whatever - we know who's really in charge, don't we.

the Mom said...

It's actually a Texas thing (started in Corpus Christi) that we graciously decided to share with a few select friends. You're welcome.