Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting Blog I Happened Across...

Catholic Churches of Manhattan - in which a young man named "Andrew the Sinner" has set himself the interesting, nay fascinating, task of attending Mass at all 96 Catholic parishes in Manhattan. He takes pictures and shares his thoughts about each, along with other reflections.

Interestingly, back in January when the Princess and I went on our day trip to NYC to shop for shoes and other Big Dance essentials, we snagged a cab at Bryant Park and went down to Canal Street, trolled Chinatown, turned the corner and had a fabulous lunch at one of the innumerable restaurants in Little Italy, and meandered our way all the way back up to Times Square. We stopped and looked around at Old St. Patrick's Cathedral (odd name for a church Little Italy, we agreed), which is one of Andrew's more recent stops.

Worth a visit to his blog - enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds delightfully interesting!