Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tales from our Crypt #2 - Afterword

P.S. About a week after the stairs incident, we had enough snow and ice melt that I was confident enough to take the new puppy (the blonde Labradork) for a walk around the block. As I rounded the corner, I saw a Confederate flag on a very tall pole at the end of the street. I thought to myself Grrreeeeaaaat.....hardcore rednecks in 'hood.

As I got closer, I saw the Stars and Stripes flying high on another pole, which had been obscured by trees. I saw what looked to be a plaque or other sort of historical marker, so I made a beeline for it. There was an actual year-round display about....the Civil War prison camp. I looked at the map and the boundaries, and my house sits close to where the main gate was, and on top of where the Union officers' barracks and mess were. The infirmary [gulp] edged up into my back yard.

As you might imagine, this revelation on top of my "knowing" that my visitor was some sort of military man about floored me. I hobbled home as fast as I could, called the Beloved in CA, and started researching what little bits and pieces I could find online. I called my priest buddy up near Buffalo Road and asked him what to do until he could come down to bless the house. I booked out to the nearest Catholic store after we got off the phone. Each room and hallway has a crucifix now.

I didn't have another meeting with my friend until later that year. I'll get back to him later. There's more in the meantime.


gemoftheocean said...

I'm wondering if your guest[?] could also be one of the union soldiers? [At this point anyway, unless he also whistles Dixie.]

Philangelus said...

Thanks for sharing these.

It might be worth it to pray for these men's souls. It's been a while, but one or another might remain in purgatory and be thankful of the help.

Anonymous said...

He seems like a good bloke this ghost of yours. Any ideas WHY he might be hanging around?