Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gianna Jessen on Fox News

Take 5 minutes to watch this interview. Such moving witness.

And then send Alan Colmes a nasty letter for attempting to fight with her, interrupting her, and trying to cut off the truth. She did an amazing job. I have seen her before (on EWTN, of course) and am usually in tears by the end of the first minute of her story.

The bottom line for me is this: How anyone could vote for a person who puts an agenda over basic humanity - providing comfort and care to a living infant - is beyond me. It is pure evil. If hearing this story (one of untold thousands) does not convert the heart and mind, or at least move a person off the absolutism of their political convictions, something is terribly, terribly wrong and broken about that person.


Anonymous said...

I saw her on EWTN, too. At the time I didn't realize that something like that could actually happen.

What is happening to our society? It's as if we're in some sort of identity crisis where we don't even know who or what we are anymore. I'm afraid we have lost our soul.

Kit said...

Welcome, FTB!

My husband (who has always been pro-life) had much the same reaction when he first heard Gianna's story - the horror of killing a 7-1/2 month baby by drowning and burning her with saline solution is beyond comprehension.

He turned and looked at me, stunned, jaw agape, and said "I had NO IDEA they did things like that! How can anybody possibly think that's 'okay'? How can that be legal?"

Who can give a straight-faced answer to those questions?

Angela M. said...

I met her last year when she spoke at my parish. She is a very special person.

a thorn in the pew said...

I missed it :( My Hannity and Colmes watching is sparse after Sean decided to humiliate us Catholics by calling himself one.

Kasia said...

I have to say, having come from a very pro-choice family, I don't think most choicers really know about that sort of thing either. I had a person whom I otherwise love and respect tell me, very indignantly, that "it" was "a clump of cells" when she first learned that I had become pro-life.

Honestly, until that point, I thought no one could actually say that with a straight face. I'd never heard it before except as a quote via pro-lifers.

The "pro-choice" position, I can tell you firsthand, is based heavily on compartmentalization and denial. It takes a lot of prayer and a lot of gentle laying-out of facts to make any headway.

I had never seen Gianna Jessen before, though of course I'd heard of her. What an amazing woman.

Kasia said...

BTW, I showed that clip to Canuck. His reaction: "Alan Colmes is an ass...and for years, I thought he was the sane half of that pair..."

Anonymous said...

Colmes comes across as a fool and a bully. Gianna rocks!
What DOES Colmes think leaving a child to die on a slab is if it isn't infanticide? WHAT on earth does he think happens to those babies?