Sunday, September 7, 2008

Many thanks, friends

Well, I have been wanting to type this thank you note out for several days for all of the love, prayers, and support you've sent my way since my September 1 post, but it's hard to do without getting a little teary. Here's a little update:

It's been a rough "inner" week, but with the kids starting back to school, after school practice taxi service, and the first football game for terrified cheerleader, who has also had to deal with confronting her little pack of foes (they just. need. to. let. it. go....), it's been a busy exterior week. This has been good, I've kept up appearances, but it's been very tough in what little quiet time I've had.

Speaking of much for all the dieting and primping I did this summer. After partying my way through the first part of August, I gained back 4 of the 17 I lost, and I'm sure this week of indulging in self-pity has not helped, either. My hairdresser refused to give me highlights when he saw how badly I'm shedding - it's falling out by the handful every time I run a brush through it, and when I wash it - ick - you can't even see the drain! My skin has gone back in 1984 or so, but I didn't break out like this, even back then. Fun, fun, fun! Going in for bloodwork tomorrow - probably a thyroid or adrenal freak-out of some sort.

So that's the bad and the ugly. The good has been the humbling realization that there are people out there who've never met me pulling for me. For all of that, for stopping by to check in on me, and especially for your prayers, I thank you all, so much! You are all in my prayers as well.



RJW said...

And the prayers will continue.

Anonymous said...

more prayers from me too.
I think one of things I found so hard about my miscarriages was the way I had to keep the terrible grief secret. It's a weird world where we can have our unborn baby die and everyone expects us to get over it in a few days.
God bless you Kit and all your family.

Cathy said...


You are in our prayers.
I am so sorry for your loss and pain.

Tom in Vegas said...

I'm new to your blog, and your post doesn't go into specifics. However, I'll still keep you in my prayers.

Kit said...

Thanks and welcome, Tom - and I'm referencing miscarriage #8 (which is not really clear unless you've hung out with me and some of the ladies here for awhile - you're right!).

a thorn in the pew said...

I prayed and cried at church thinking of you on Sunday. I have started to find my cause and explanation for miscarriage and fertility issues and hope you have some peace. You are not alone. Take care, my friend.

Kit said...

Thanks so much - I'm praying for you, too. Just had the thyroid panel done, I'm going to the Dr. next week, and am girding myself for battle.