Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Half a second too late

Quick Jack update:

He is so happy to be home! The second we let him out of the cage he got thoroughly inspected by the hounds...as if his manliness hadn't been violated enough over the past week, getting rolled around and tag-team-butt-sniffed by two massive dogs all night had to be the absolute limit...but he purred and rubbed noses with them anyway. He traveled back and forth between my lap and the beloved's until bedtime, when he came upstairs with us and curled up in the down blankies. The girls each reported feeling a warm gray lump on their feet in the night, and then this morning, I found him in the baby's room, asleep at his station on the rocker near the crib, with his head resting on a pair of socks he'd brought in to feed his "furless kitten." Yep, our heroic provider is back. I grabbed the camera but the creaky wood floor ruined the moment and woke him up.

He's still moving a bit slow, but is eating and doing his business, as it were, in a proper manner.

Still reviewing my French for my subbing gig, which starts tomorrow morning. I am so glad I took this week off for the conference I decided not to go to!


Kasia said...


I'm so glad for you guys and for Jack!!!

(And even not being a parent I think it's flippin' BRILLIANT that you're going to get to mortify your daughter tomorrow!!!)

Angela M. said...

You've won an award - come on over to the blog and collect!

LarryD said...

Happy to hear that Jack and his staff are reunited again!