Sunday, September 14, 2008

I don't like Ike

UPDATE: We had some pretty righteous downed tree limb issues (including one 12' spruce log that mercifully missed structures on the neighbor's side of the fence), lost power and downed lines. Now Ike's up in New England and heading for the N. Atlantic. Good riddance!

The havoc in Texas is incredible. My family and friends back in Chicago had a few flooded basements and one newly-discovered leaky roof - not good when you get six inches of rain all at once.

Even here in the middle of nowhere NY, some 1200 miles from Ike's landfall, we are slated to get tons of rain, it is sultry and positively tropical outside (90* at its hottest today, and still in the 70's at 9pm), and the wind gusts are getting up into the 30-40 mph range. The scope of this storm is amazing. Will check back in after we get past our share of the scary weather.

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