Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Indeed

This story just absolutely sickens me.

Wal-Mart worker killed in Black Friday stampede

Is a friggin' flatscreen or GPS for your car worth doing this to someone?

I have never, ever shopped on "Black Friday" because the display of unbridled greed, materialism, and sickness of the human condition and culture in this country is too much to bear.

Lord have mercy on us all.


Kasia said...

I think I went once on "Black Friday" when I was about twelve or thirteen (but not to the super-early sales, just to the mall). NEVER again.

Worse, the news report here in Detroit on that stampede concluded with, "The store was closed for investigation, which angered some shoppers." Cry-mi-nilly, people - even if you weren't one of the stampeders, SOMEONE WAS KILLED. It's a freakin' crime scene!! It's even worse than the time I was a bank teller and a guy in the drive through demanded I serve him even though I told him we had to close because we'd just been robbed.


Like someone on Digi's blog said: imagine if food were short.


(btw, your word verification is "miter" :-)

ignorant redneck said...

I was appalled by this! this and the gun fight at the calofornia toys r us.

It almost makes me glad that we can't really afford to "christmass" shop this year.

You know, the whole christmass Frenzy is basically something that started around 1910? Before that it was more about religion and family, and lower key!