Saturday, November 29, 2008

Helo Mom Dispatch #4


The Cheerleader has told the Football Player (now Wrestler) once and for all that she is NOT READY for the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing.
I chaperoned for them at the movies (Twilight, and it really wasn't half bad, actually) from a few rows too far back, apparently - as an enthralled and opportunistic 17 year old kid does at the movies, he did the basic hand-holding maneuver (saw that, didn't care) and attempted the "sneaky kiss in the dark" bit (missed that one!).

She was having none of it - she's been waiting forever to see this movie and was visibly annoyed each time he whispered to her during the movie. I was trying hard not to laugh out loud or warn him off. Afterwards, I stood discreetly out of earshot while she told him he's moving too fast, she's not "there" yet, and hinted perhaps he should look for someone older who's more experienced than she is if he wants a make-out buddy, or worse. (Ouch!)
He was stunned, crushed, but not entirely dissuaded. He apologized profusely, hugged her goodbye, and told her again that he is content to stand by and "just talk" with her until she figures out what she wants to do re: the dating thing. She said she'd think about it, and bolted to the car. Two phone calls later, they've agreed to continue their daily chats about sports, cheerleading, youth court (he's a kid-judge, she's a kid-prosecutor), and take it from there.

All the while I've just wanted to shout: MOVE ON, KID! MOVE ON! Call her when you're 30!

Whatever the next hours/days/weeks entail, I do know one thing that should hold him off for a bit longer - she swore she'd never kiss anyone until her braces come off, so we're good to go until sometime in January, anyway!

This whole thing is keeping me up nights - of course I am pleased that she's keeping this strapping young lad at arms' length and making no bones about it with him, but on the other hand, I feel really bad for him. He's a popular kid and has plenty of other female options before him, but he's clearly smitten, despite all the teasing from his friends and hers about the age difference, and despite (or because of?) her aloof manner toward him. And make no mistake, my girl has a will of iron - flattery and persuasion will not win her over unless she's darn good and ready to be won. She does like the boy quite a bit - she is not trying to torment him, and is not keeping him at her beck and call simply because she can...she just doesn't want the PDA stuff. At all.

I don't know what will happen, but I do know one thing. It is not going to end well - someone's going to get their feelings hurt.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

hehehe, your daughter has been trained well. :)

Kasia said...


I'm glad the Princess has a strong enough sense of herself, her comfort zone, and what she wants to tell him all this.

But yeah. :-(

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Kit, of course it will end badly - nay, tragically, and heartbreakingly, for that is what first loves are all about! This is the stuff of midnight marathon phone calls to girlfriends and outpourings into diaries. At some time later, the pathos is replaced by amusement, but for now, it is an excursion into drama and everyone must suffer through this teen angst at least once in their lifetime.

We all have.

Anonymous said...

It's one of those parts of being a parent that sucks frankly.
I am glad your daughter is being firm - and sensible.
Hang in there Kit. It's a bumpy ride this watching our kids start the dating thing!