Monday, November 17, 2008

Someone's cranky....[edited]

...but maybe it's because he's an apostate married man who calls himself a priest!

All I can say is:

1. To "ElDoctorK": Suuuuhhhh-NAP!!!

2. To Rich: Thanks for all you do, and keep at it!

3. To the "Reverend":

a) Nice sweater and turtleneck. Makes quite a statement. Did you come up with the idea to do this video on your own? You don't have to answer that, on second thought.

b) I have lots of books at home too. How about giving some page, chapter, or code section citations to the texts you display that support your position. And hers. And his.

c) As one of "the others" you censure for expressing opinions contrary to yours and perhaps even those of the Bishop of Rochester (not to mention your poor misunderstood "good friend"), I can tell you that YES, I am a Christian. A Roman Catholic one at that (!) stuck in one of the worst-run, worst-reputed Dioceses in the Western Hemisphere. One who loves, reveres, and would like to practice the faith of my fathers without being subject to derision and labeled as an "extremist" for doing so by the Bishop and actual priests who work so hard to suppress and dilute the Faith in this Diocese. One who believes self-serving apostates masquerading as priests have zero authority to call out lay Catholics in full comminion with Rome for objecting to the liturgical abuses inflicted upon the people of St Anne's Church by a radical female activist wannabe priest and her sympathetic Bishop.

d) A video disavowing any support of married or womenpriests, lay homilists, liturgical puppetry, mimery, clowning, and/or dancing would be nice, too.

St. John Fisher, pray for us!

(P.S. Rich, not sure why you took the video down - I will maintain this link to youtube as long as the video remains "up" - anyone who wants to take a look at the video collection on youtube, have a gander at videos posted by "priestray" - have some Tums and/or Tylenol close by, though.)


ben said...

It should be noted the Rev. is outside the church having been ordained by excommunicate Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo.

Kit said...

Interesting, Ben! I was wondering why I couldn't locate a home parish for him.

Larry Denninger said...

"El Doc Tork?" Is he related to Peter Tork, of The Monkees ?

Whoever held up the cue cards for this video did a poor job...the pauses....are....way too.....long..........don't you........agree?

The only defense he gave is that Sr Joan is a nice person and good friend. Those are neither a defense nor character references. They're words people say when they don't have a persuasive argument.

Kit said...

With friends like THAT, Sr. Joan...[shakes head]

Did you watch those other videos, Larry? Whhhoooooaaaaaa dude....and sadly, that man's education took place - where else? - at St. Bernard's in Rochester, most likely on the Diocesan dime, in an effort to promote vocations.

Excellent work, Bishop Clark.

Anonymous said...
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Kit said...

Dr. K - I somehow don't doubt the copyright thing...the longer I've been here (just shy of 5 years) the more I've noticed the same "touching personal anecdote" homilies recycling each year. I thought it was just me, but my dear, beleaguered collared friend has affirmed that there are a number of ""-type sites, and their use is encouraged at various meetings and retreats.

So if Joan's using the downloaded material, it probably IS copyrighted! LOL!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I have to say, you guys have it worse than we do here in LA it's bad here, but wow! I'm wanting to move out there and fix things myself since things don't seem to be going in a quick enough process

Anonymous said...
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Kit said...

"Unless of course they're trying to hide something."


No rights were violated, imLo, by the taping. They have no shame, they claim to have permission to have Joan do what she does, so it should not bother them in the least. Should it.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Kit said...

Joe! We'd love to have ya!

Kasia said...

It's not an effective or persuasive video, unless of course you're easily cowed by the title "Reverend" and highly sensitive to the "disappointed face" school of discipline. I'm a little prone to both, but more the latter than the former. Even so, I quickly realized that he was providing no substance to his 'arguments', and had to force myself to watch through to the end. I for one think I'll take a pass on any of "priestray's" other videos...