Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Jackals Are Out

Not surprisingly, scammers are already out there selling "tickets" to The One's inauguration on January 20th, thereby demonstrating that the spirit of capitalism may well survive the next four years.

Me, well, you won't find me within short-range missile distance of Obamagrad* on January 20th. I will be in NYC spending my money on other forms of theatre.

* All it takes is an Executive Order,!


The Digital Hairshirt said...

Obamagrad! OBAMAGRAD!

Oh, Lawdy, Kit, THAT is great - after 1/20/09, it will be how I reference Washington DC!

Kit said...

It is my pleasure to serve.

(Okay, I'll admit it. Sometimes I amaze even my own clever self...LMAO!)


Kasia said...

It is my pleasure to serve.

Does that mean that "you WILL volunteer"? ;-)

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Obamagrad, LOL!...but worry not I'm not going to be watching the coronation...instead i'll be live blogging or something to that shagrin.

eulogos said...

But on Jan 22nd, I hope that many readers of this blog WILL be in DC for the Right to Life March. We have to show Obama and congress that we are not cowed and we will never give up opposing abortion. Please come!
Susan Peterson