Thursday, November 20, 2008

Helo Mom's Heartstrings Are Being Tugged

Okay, I have to say it - the Football Player is adorable inside and out. Because he adores my "extremely beautiful" daughter (of course), and because he has done wonders to rebuild her self confidence, (which was and remains severely damaged by the rotten mean girls/former friends she still has to contend with at school), by defending her publicly and reassuring her privately that she is well liked and respected by the older students for standing up to the pack of nasty girls. Turns out that one of their other middle school bullying victims is the younger sister of one of the Football Player's teammates. The mess for her started when she told them to leave the younger girl alone. Huge boost for her respect level among the older boys and fellow cheerleaders.

Better yet, he is being very gentlemanly and respectful of her timidity when it comes to the boyfriend-girlfriend thing, and has indicated that he is willing to wait as long as necessary until she is comfortable with him to renew his addresses. In the meantime, he has set down two rules:

1. Please don't die (i.e., while getting tossed about in the air during cheerleading practice) because someday, I plan to kiss you.

2. Please don't let any other boy but me be the first one to kiss you. That could result in such boy being a victim of Rule #1.

So far, she seems willing to abide by those rules. They will be going (separately) to the school play this weekend after the big game to watch various friends and teammates perform, and they plan to sit together. We shall see what transpires. I will be in a nearby row with the 11 y/o and perhaps a cattle prod or some pepper spray.

Ahhh, young love....or is it young like?


Angela M. said...

"cattle prod" - I love it!!!

Well, Jim-Bob and Michelle got married when they were 17 and 19 and it seems to have worked out OK for them. (just saying....!)

Kasia said...

Say it with me, now:


So sweet!!!


The Digital Hairshirt said...

I still say The beloved should be casually sharpening his K-bar everytime the young man comes to call.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

What? Football players and cheerleaders standing up to bullies? Has the world been turned upside down?

Kit said...

I know, Father...I know. They both go WAY against type. The truly bizarre thing is that the current crew of cheerleaders are actually some of the nicest girls at the school, or so I was told when I subbed. The soccer team girls are the nasty, catty elitist types.

Very odd.

ignorant redneck said...

Cattle prods are good.

And, if this storey were any sweeter, I should think one of us would go into hyperglycemic shock!

I would recommend against digis suggestion of shapening the Ka-Bar. A fit senior football player vs. a middle aged dad with a knife can end poorly...for the dad. Rather, a MilSurplus Mosin-Nagant with a permanantly attached bayonette can be had i the 60-70 dollar range. And the bullets are dirt cheap too!

Kit said...

Well, I'm with you IR, but the Beloved (USMC - Ret. "Gunny w/20") has anticipated your argument. "I may be a little older. I may be a little chunky. But God help that kid, because once I get him down he's never gettin' up!"

I would never admit it to him, but he does have a point. He's about the most stubborn, patient, strongest men I've ever known. Plus he has a cute, rubbery little nose that cannot be broken.